using sound to simulate a series of vr installations for music festivals


L.A. Experiential III
Aavsla 2018

We are living in an increasingly interconnected and data-driven world, with analytics for almost every aspect of our daily and virtual lives. Despite the promise of seamlessness, somehow the virtual and the real seem at odds rather than part of a continuum; mixed-reality. It’s time we narrow the gap between virtual and physical experience, along with introducing another layer of interactivity.

Our 10-day workshop explores this tension through the experience of a music festival, an event that combines media, emerging technology and socialization to transcend ordinary urbanism. Participants, led by design and tech experts, will incorporate real time feedback into their projects using gesture controls and frequency spectrum analysis of music to modulate visual aspects of the environments. The work produced as part of the programme, will be shown to our industry partners through the lens of Virtual Reality. We are looking to set-up a series of experiences that have the potential to elevate Art and Music Festivals by introducing VR* sound installations, activation zones, navigation tools, and social sharing opportunities.


Build a library of sounds.


Develop a workflow between Ableton and TouchDesigner.


Create a series of visual effects in real-time, to experience in VR.


the rue space
308 e 9th st
los angeles, ca

"A hyperactive hothouse for interdisciplinary


july 11-20, 2018




Eulalia Moran

Devin Gharakhanian

Jordan Hartman

Cheeyoon Lee
Web Manager

Andre Rocha
Social Media Manager

Ben Heim

AAVSLA 2017 .

sonic simulation
the rue space, Downtown LA
In collaboration with whitenoiselab

AAVSLA 2016 .

Liquid Shard
Pershing Square, Downtown LA
In collaboration with Poetic Kinetics

10 day workshop kicks off
July 11 - July 20, 2018

Can we create space by the means of sound? Sonic Simulation explores sound art at the intersection of Architecture, Media, and Technology. An ongoing investigation of spatial-acoustics with multi-channel reproduction systems, the discipline of sound architecture, and its’ users interactivity/experience.

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