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The future is influenced by interdisciplinary teams that grow ideas, develop alternatives, and push boundaries.

The Rue is a hyper-active hothouse incubating emerging creatives with interests in mixed-media, design, and physical/digital technology. This space draws a diverse collective of forward-thinking affiliates that will develop in parallel with their peers, instigating the notion of "The Great Group" effect.

Energetic graduates  and stimulating situations enable the space, stirring up the atmosphere. Our lab is occasionally shocked with a healthy pour  of social happenings.

Our blueprint hypothesizes a linkage of complementary variables:
Place - Channeling the creative fervor of LA
Space - In a flexible and modern space to unleash explosive creativity
People - With a group that knows no bounds to their conceptual freedom.

Take part in the story, as the narrative unfolds...
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Host + Support

Giving access to 7 creatives who are enthusiastic about growing ideas independently and collectively



Unify + Enable

This “great group” can be a source of inspiration, support, and a direct influence to the process of  discovery



Spark + Spin

This vibrant & flexible space transforms into an array of different scenarios - design labs, events, and experiences

What we do

Art Direction ― Environment & Experience Design ― Research & Insight ― UI/UX ― Product Design ― 3D Animation & Motion Graphics ― Nice Code

Services Include

Brand Strategy & Development ― Content Design & Creation ― Marketing Approach & Business


Devin Gharakhanian ― Timothy Cheng ― Cheeyoon Lee ― Chad Schram


"Every PERSON works better when he or she has companions working in the same line, and yielding to the stimulus of suggestion, comparison, emulation...

Therefore none of us are as great as all of us"

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